About us

Come see and experience our surprising and impressive gallery with worldwide  treasures of the Earth. Visit st1 gallery and step into our amazing world of natural beauty.

Every piece is unique and will be an unexpected added value to your living or work environment.

What can you do with our exclusive stones?

What can you do with this art by nature?

Imagine incorporating some fabulous geo specimens to enhance either a living space, garden or even a water feature using rocks as a focus of form colour and beauty. For example: a twinkling crystal clustre on your meeting table to stimulate communication, a beautiful amethyst in your living room, a majestic  trunk of petrified wood in or outside of your entrance, a fascinating fossil fish in your kitchen, an inspiring piece of meterorite on your work room or a beautiful table in your waiting room.

This is where you will find a unique collection of decorative objects starting at 300 euro.

Please check our mood boards on pinterest for more ideas on how to apply these objects. 


st1 gallery has opened its doors in december 2012 in the centre of The Netherlands.

The Gallery is absolutely worth a visit for those who value exlusive accents in their home or business.

Different types of gems, minerals, fossils and petrified wood

st1 gallery offers a range of wonderments  from the world of geology. The exclusive stones, crystals, amethysts, fossils, beautiful gems and minerals and other treasures of the Earth. For indoor and outdoor are continuously different types of gems and minerals directly imported from around the world by owner and gemmologist Roy Masin.

This ensures that our entire range with care and knowledge is sought out and is regularly supplemented and renewed.


We consider our crystals and other objects as art. View examples for inspiration. You can also take a look at our Facebook page and on our pinterest-page.

 “Geological Art” applied to both an interior or exterior design finds many new admirers, it is not only avant-garde, but is also a very compelling and aesthetically pleasing feature and compliments both the classical and the more contemporary decor.

Please enquire about hiring specimens for interior design projects, special occasions and themed special corporate events.

Opening hours: Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00 and by appointment. »