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st1 gallery is the number one gallery with worldwide  treasures of the Earth with more than 50 years of experience. Every piece is unique and will be an unexpected added value to your living or work environment.

For inside and outside, different kinds of precious stones and minerals are continuously imported directly from all over the world by owner and gemologist Roy Masin.

Come, see and feel in our surprising and moving wonder room with treasures of the earth. At the gallery you will find a unique collection of decorative objects starting from 300 euros.

We consider it as our mission to show visitors the beauty of the objects they exhibit and how they can integrate them into their work and living space.

Our collection


st1 gallery_Ichthtyosaur


1 June 2019

This female ichthyosaurus has just arrived and is unique because she carries two offspring that are clearly visible in her lower abdomen, making her a symbol of femininity and motherhood. Ichthyosaurus was an ancient sea monster that ruled the oceans about 251 million years ago, about 20 million years before dinosaurs came into existence. Icthyosaurus means "Fish Lizards" in Greek. They existed for 100 million years. They were at the top of the marine food chain.

st1 gallery_Amethyst big from brazil

Special amethyst

1 February 2019

Excited to be looking for new home for this catch of the year. Greetings from southern Brazil, the amethyst heart of the world.


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