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Roy Masin

Ever since childhood I was surrounded by the stones but my love for the above minerals occur only when I Brazilian Curiosities, forced, in 1982 my father took over.  My search for this special art of nature has me in special places around the world, and many encounters with equally special people delivered.

Sagaro van Elswijk

Thanks to Peter and his son runs Sagaro Brazilian Curiosa just in the weeks that I'm on a quest. Sagaro works since april 1999 at Brazilian Curiosa. With his love for stones and essential know-how of our stock, he is a big help to our customers. Father and son complement each other perfectly and create the unique atmosphere of our business.

Peter van Elswijk

Peter has been working since late 1992 at Brazilian Curiosa. The atmosphere in the company brings Peter and his knowledge of the stones, making him indispensable to our cause. The poems and sayings of Peter issued in four bundles. His motto: "Who has no heart of stone, has a heart of stone", is now famous in the world of rocks.

Ada Doppenberg

Ada does the administration  since May 1995 for Brazilian Curiosa. Efficient, reliable and patient, Ada monitors the vital link between practice and paper. Although in the wings to work, much appreciated by colleagues, suppliers and customers.

Ed Pieters

Ed is our multi-talented centipede. Ed has been collecting minerals and fossils since 1969. His specialties are agates, thundereggs, petrified wood and mining. In particular from locations from: USA, Poland and Germany, where he actively searches. In Oregon, USA there is a site named after Ed: Eddy bed and Dutch donny in the Ochoco mountains.

Max Masin

Max has been working in the business from an early age. After his studies he ensures the online part of our company.


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