Corona update: closed until 19 January

December 16th 2020

In accordance with the recently announced new measures of the central government, the gallery will remain closed until 19 January.

Of course we can be reached by e-mail for any questions. We are happy to provide you with information via photo or video. If necessary, we can deliver purchased items to you.

Kind regards on behalf of:
Peter, Sagaro, Ada, Ed, Max & Roy

Mind blowing Amethyst - biggest ever?

September 19th 2020

Proud and excited to have sold this giant wonder of nature to a yet to be announced art project in an equally spectacular destination. Combined forces of nature, gravity, dedicated craftsmanship and architectural / artistic vison, sooo cool!

Klik hier voor meer informatie!



June 1st 2019

This female ichthyosaurus has just arrived and is unique because she carries two offspring that are clearly visible in her lower abdomen, making her a symbol of femininity and motherhood. Ichthyosaurus was an ancient sea monster that ruled the oceans about 251 million years ago, about 20 million years before dinosaurs came into existence. Icthyosaurus means "Fish Lizards" in Greek. They existed for 100 million years. They were at the top of the marine food chain.

Special amethyst

April 1st 2019

Excited to be looking for new home for this catch of the year. Greetings from southern Brazil, the amethyst heart of the world.


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