Interior objects

st1 gallery specialises in unique geological objects, many of which can be spectacular accents in interior design. Many interiors, both residential as corporate, have been stylishly illuminated with quality crystals, fossils or petrified wood for the appropriate ambience needed for the customers' lifestyles.

Interior enrichment

Imagine incorporating some fabulous geological treasures to enhance either interior living space, work space or garden.
“Geological Art” applied to both an interior or exterior design finds many new admirers, it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also influences mind and atmosphere in an undescribable way and compliments both the classical and the more contemporary decor. 

Septarian - Calcite septarian on a custom-made metal base


45 x 25 x cm
(h x b)



Amethyst - Orange-colored amethyst-red with beautiful rosettes


31 x 65 x 96 cm
(d x b x h )

Rock crystal - Cool Arkansas cluster


Pyrite with rock crystal


Labradorite -Partly polished


View our YouTube channel to see short videos of various objects.


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