Side table petrified wood


Hoogte: 85 cm
Lengte: 120 cm
Breedte: 30 cm

Origin: Brazil

More information

Side table of plank of solid petrified wood placed on a metal structure. This wood petrified (turned from wood into stone) around 15 million years ago when a huge vulcano outburst buried these trees under a thick layer of volcanic ash and this way protected is against the oxygen. Because of this the wood didn’t rot as quickly as it normally would. The ash contained many minerals that dissolved in the groundwater. The groundwater saturated the tree, and the minerals started penertrating the cells within the tree.

Slowly but surely the rotten wood is replaced by the minerals. This process takes many years, and the structure of the dead tree is perfectly preserved. The wood content is replaced completely by hard stone like minerals. Origin of the petrified wood: Indonesia.

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