Breedte: 25 cm
Diepte: 45 cm
Vindplaats: België

€ 1.500,-

Aboutt his septarian

Septarian concretions or septarian nodules, are concretions containing angular cavities or cracks, called "septaria". The word comes from the Latin word septum; "partition", and refers to the cracks/separations in this kind of rock.

The process that created the septaria that characterize septarian concretions remains unclear. A number of mechanisms have been proposed, including the dehydration of clay-rich, gel-rich, or organic-rich cores; shrinkage of the concretion's center; expansion of gases produced by the decay of organic matter; or brittle fracturing or shrinkage of the concretion interior by either earthquakes or compaction. Septaria usually contain crystals, in this speciman calcite, that precipitated from circulating solutions. This piece has been cut and polished and a made to fit metal stand has been made to present it.

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